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Alpha Power

Dating Advice Forum


We're Sorry, Forum Access is by Invitation Only

The Forum is Available to All Dating Dynamics Product Owners, Workshop Attendees and Students

When you become a client or student with Dating Dynamics, you not only have the experience of our programs, but you'll get immediate access to our members-only message board and join an exclusive group of like-minded individuals on the same path to success with women. It's just like the Master-Mind group that Carlos talks about in the programs.


In the Alpha Power Forum, you will be able to:

* Join discussions with other single guys learning dating and seduction skills.

* Get general advice on social dynamics and specific advice for attracting women.

* Contribute any new ideas you may have to other guys.

* Get answers to all of your seduction and pick-up related questions.

* Have access to all of the latest Dating Dynamics concepts and techniques.

* Locate and hook up with wingmen in your area.

* Learn about Seduction Lairs and find out how to join them.

* Continue your progress and get peer support.

* Have personal contact with all instructors, including the Dating Dynamics founder, Carlos Xuma.

* Get access to exclusive Field Reports from Carlos and other students and learn all of the newest concepts and techniques in the field of social dynamics.



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Make your check or money order payable to:
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Make the payment for the complete amount of the program, including the necessary shipping and handling, in US Dollars.

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Your download information will be sent within 1 business day of receipt of money order, and sales by personal check within 1 business day of the check clearing through the banking system. Your CDs will also ship immediately following receipt of your payment.


We do not advise sending cash through the mail.


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